• A group of sharp development team
    Neolab was established in November 2015. Established as a development team aimed at in-house system development and cost reduction for the entire group. Business and Tech specialists gathered from inside and outside the group.
  • Development firm with new business at its core
    Shifted to joint business development mainly focusing on new joint ventures with major companies and emerging mega ventures. We have expanded our development base to Vietnam beyond Japan. We have established a unique agile development system optimized for global development while expanding the scale of the organization. The number of employees, which was about 100 at the end of 2016, exceeded 300 by the end of 2018.


To Dream Tech Company At NEOLAB 3.0, NEOLAB is
To evolve into Dream Tech Company

Neolab has built a strong global development system. Companies with advanced image recognition technology will collaborate with our global network. This will enable AI to accelerate drone and other joint business development services and in-house service solutions.

Neolab has developed control systems for unmanned drones from an early stage, and has also worked on a variety of services that create additional value with AI technology. As a Dream Tech Company, Neolab will continue to create exciting new solutions for everyone.


  • 01

    Discover business opportunities

    Neolab is constantly looking for changes in the way technology is used throughout society and seeking the best solutions that can be offered to customers. Neolab is good at IT and related businesses, but will also try to solve unknown problems for which there is no solution in hand.

  • 02

    Building an organization

    Neolab members take care of the extraordinary. We are looking forward to seeing new colleagues with aspirations. The unitized and agile development system mainly for agile development enables joint business development at any scale.

  • 03

    Creating customers value

    Neolab provides added value to customers through business tech solutions such as joint business development services, next generation communication platforms, more convenient payment systems, and personnel management software. Neolab is always on the lookout for technological trends around the world and aims to produce the best products that can be implemented at the present time.

  • 04

    Realize a competitive business structure

    Neolab takes care of your profits. High profits increase development resources and enable business development in new areas. Improving the benefits and leisure time of Neolab members increases the possibility of creating new ideas and creates more exciting products.


Representative Director and Chairman CEO Keisuke Sakai

In college, he tried to be a lawyer and tried a bar exam, but gave up on the way. After joining UFJ Bank (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) as a new graduate in 2001, he moved to Recruit (currently Recruit Holdings) in 2005. Engaged in sales and organizational management for major corporations in the finance and HR fields.

In 2013, at the age of 35, he turned into the world of IT startups. Engaged in sales, business development and recruitment at “Lancers” of crowdsourcing and “Team Spirit” of Saas.

Joined Neo Career, a comprehensive human resources service company in June 2014. After taking charge of General Manager of Corporate Planning Department, assumed office as Executive Officer in charge of business development in October 2016 (current position).

In parallel, “Neolab” was launched in November 2015 as President and CEO. In October 2016, he assumed the position of Chairman and CEO (current position). To the present.